Founder & Chairman


The Pillar of Students Xerox

The man who has built Students Xerox, a technology driven company by sheer commitment to customer service, is Mr. Narayanasamy Arunachalam, the Founder and Chairman of Adyar Students Xerox Private Limited. A visionary to the core, his towering presence and excellent man management skills has been an inspiration to the dedicated and efficient workforce of Adyar Students Xerox to power the company to greater heights. In his endeavour to make Adyar Students Xerox, the ultimate destination for every documentation solution.



“Our strength is to meet the challenges that call for innovative solutions in documentation services. And we believe the key to success lies in the extra measure of creativity we bring to the art of our service. The testimony to our credentials is reflected in every work of ours”.

– Mr. Narayanasamy Arunachalam