Evolving with Technology

Looking back, the consistent growth of Adyar Students Xerox has always been with technology. As the needs and demands for faster, efficient photocopying for better presentation grew, there were technological breakthroughs in the industry. At every stage of the development, Adyar Students Xerox has always been the first to adapt to those emerging technologies.

                The result, at Adyar Students Xerox manual typewriters gave way to electric type writers to electronic typewriters, which in turn gave way to Computers and Desk Top Publishing. High resolution and high quality laser prints from single to multi colour started to roll out of Adyar Students Xerox much ahead of times.

                Responding positively to technological innovations, market demands and customers needs Adyar Students Xerox, time and again, has introduced a wide range of well conceived and need based documentation services. To name a few, photocopying to laser printing, CAD services to designing, offset printing to book publishing.