Mr. Narayanasamy Arunachalam, a visionary and an enterprising entrepreneur set the sails of Students Xerox into the world of photocopying with just one manual typewriter, an old Panasonic Copier and only two employees in the year 1986 on 26th, September. It is his commitment to quality and reliable service at affordable price has made us what we’re today – a technology driven complete documentation service provider. Inspired by his quest for ambitious goals, highly ethical business practices and customer friendly relationship, we’re a successful enterprise where only the best is delivered.

“Our strength is to meet the challenges that call

for innovative solutions in documentation services.

And we believe the key to success lies in the extra

measure of creativity we bring to the art of our service.

The testimony to our credentials is reflected in

every work of ours. 

Mr. Narayanasamy Arunachalam
Founder Chairman
Adyar Students Xerox

Mr. A. Sowrirajan
Managing Director
Adyar Students Xerox