Evolving with Technology

           Looking back, the consistent growth of Students Xerox has always been with technology. As the needs and demands for faster, efficient photocopying… Read more →

A World of Quality

           The success of an enterprise is based on providing nothing but the best. This is our unwritten commitment at Adyar Students Xerox.. Read more →

Desk Top Publishing

           Adyar Students Xerox is a name synonymous with Desk Top Publishing Works. We are equipped with the latest Desk Top Publishing Systems… Read more →

A Humble Beginning

           The year 1986.The day 26, September. The place, the erstwhile Madras City, now called Chennai. A humble beginning was made in the World of … Read more →

The Seahorse

           It’s our inspiration at Adyar Students Xerox. The Seahorse is transparent, a reflection of our business practices. It is equipped naturally to swim vertically… Read more →

The Pillar of SX

           The man who has built Students Xerox, a technology driven company by sheer commitment to customer service, is Mr. Narayanasamy Arunachalam… Read more →